On expands product offerings in the sportswear market with new Sports Bra line

Swiss sportswear brand On announces newest addition to its apparel line with the Active and Performance Sports Bras to round out its running kit.

Swiss sportswear brand On has announced its expansion of product offerings in the performance sportswear market with its essential collection of sports bras: the Active Bra and Performance Bra. The brand carefully engineered these sports bras for active people of all ages, lifestyles and performance abilities who seek comfort and function.

Over the past two years, On’s product team sought to develop a sports bra that met the standards for an elevated running experience, understanding the frustrations that many people face when finding a sports bra. The Active and Performance Bras were rigorously tested in labs and in the wild by On’s roster of professional athletes. Through this process, the product was altered and improved until the brand was confident that it had created a sports bra that provides an effortless feel, with maximum coverage and support. On’s product team utilized Swiss engineering to design a product inspired by elite athletes yet suitable for a wide range of activities.

“We design, develop and innovate our shoes and apparel with the highest standards to give our customers the best possible running experience,” said Fiona King, On’s apparel development lead. “But like all of our products, it takes time. We wanted to guarantee that we were putting forward the best possible product. After nearly two years of design and development, we feel proud to release our Active and Performance Sports Bras that go above and beyond the capabilities of other sports bras on the market.” 

On’s Active Bra is best for those seeking medium support for everyday multi-functional activities where extra support is needed, while On’s Performance Bra is intended for those seeking higher support for high-intensity activities, such as running, HIIT, and intense training.

Both bras offer 360 support with ergonomic construction and support padding for each individual breast. The straps are made of responsive, premium elastic that adds stretch for an unrestricted feel and ease for getting in and out of the bra. The high neckline ensures medium support without squeezing for higher intensity workouts and is equipped with a full mesh back panel for breathability.

On worked with a third party institute – Progressive sports Technologies – to understand the performance of the new sports bras. Usually, high impact bras are found to be least comfortable because they compress the breasts to restrict movement. But the Performance Bra contradicts this paradigm: despite its high support, it is still ranked as being comfortable.

On believes that innovation and purposeful design are central to engineering the best products that transform the running experience. With On’s line of sports bras, the brand used engineering and science-backed design to create a product that prioritizes comfort and versatility so people can focus on their workout. As On continues to be a leader in the performance sportswear market.

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