Ronhill Short

Ronhill Men’s Tech Ultra Twin Short

As a runner who usually prefers a technical underwear and an over short, which generally works out to be more expensive than a twin, I was initially sceptical of trying the Ronhill Men’s Tech Ultra Twin Short.

This fear was completely unfounded as I realised the features of the Tech Ultra’s solve the very issues I usually have with fit and features.

The inner fabric against my skin felt great. The cut on the over short, which is tiered from the front to the back, means you don’t ever realise you’re wearing them as you move as there is no pulling against your legs. The phone pockets, which it actually has on both sides of the inner, catering to personal preference, is ideal (As a man I struggle to find good shorts with this large pocket close to the skin, hence usually having to buy over shorts).

I also really like the rear loops for poles making it a true ultra-short, again usually really hard to find in a short

Finally, the rear pockets are great for gels or other nutrition.

The shorts also have conventional front pockets, for me these aren’t really needed as I wouldn’t trust leaving anything in them, but they don’t hurt anything having them there and I’m sure some will like to put their hands in them waiting around at the start line of a race.

This has got to be one of the most engineered shorts I’ve ever tried, clearly someone in the lab has been out on an ultra-marathon and faffed about trying to undo their poles from a race vest or struggled to reach their phone due to the constricting fabric.

I’m a big fan of these shorts and would definitely recommend for any longer runs, trails, fells etc, where you will really notice the benefits of the Ultra Twin Shorts.


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