Ronhill OTM Vest

Ronhill OTM vest  

Overall, I’d say this Ronhill OTM run vest is a solid piece of kit at a good price and I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a first vest or an additional lightweight alternative vest.

It’s got a no bells and whistles minimalist design, which meant I didn’t pack all that extra ‘just in case’ kit that, if I’m honest, for roads and shorter trails I just don’t need anyway.  

The fabric feels like it could withstand anything you throw at it. As someone who knows they should look after their kit more but is the first to chuck it on the floor after a long run, this really appeals to me. The downside here is that you will find more expensive alternatives that feel nicer against your skin.  

I am personally used to elastic fastenings at the front of the vest, so it took a bit of trial and error getting the side and front straps adjusted to feel a precise fit with no movement when running. You have to play around here, which is a bit frustrating, but once you get it right it’s fine.  

I would recommend getting the ‘Ronhill fuel flasks with straws’ as a standard vest water bottle is just too far away to use comfortably.

Otm vest 4

I like that it has a front zip pocket, it’s really useful having my phone somewhere I can get easy access to, snap a quick picture on the go or change to an upbeat song to smash the next hill. It could do with a bit of give in the pocket to make it easier getting it in and out but I’m fine to compromise here to ensure my phone is safe. 

The OTM vest has two rear pockets, the top has a zipper for the more important items you want to know aren’t going anywhere and a bottom easy access compartment which I like for gels, gloves etc. A well thought out compromise. 

The one update that I would like to see is on the zippers, they are a little bulky and it drives me crazy hearing them tap away on the vest as I run, the more I use this vest the more likely I am to chop them off and put something a bit lighter/quieter on.  

All in all that is a fairly small feedback point as I really liked this vest. I can see myself taking it on a road marathon so I don’t have to waste eight plus bottles of water and faff around with aid stations or on the local trails, which is the majority of my running and I don’t need 15L of storage weighing me down.  


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