asics and Zwift launch digital experience to allow participants to run with asics-sponsored athletes

ASICS and Zwift have announced the launch of an athlete-led training series called, “ASICS Pro Series.”

Centred around the launch of METASPEED EDGE+, the program will run between June 20 and July 15.

Zwift is an online platform that brings the outdoor experience indoors, enabling millions of runners, triathletes and cyclists from all over the world to train, explore and compete in a social online fitness environment. Zwift works by connecting with fitness equipments such as footpods, bluetooth treadmills or smart trainers that allow your real-world physical activity to power your avatar in the game and has a growing, highly engaged community of runners.

In the “ASICS Pro Series,” four ASICS sponsored athletes will lead their own specific treadmill running workouts during a live group run on Zwift. From June 20 to July 15, participating Zwift users will be able to train with their own avatars alongside ASICS sponsored athletes, as well as wear ASICS’ latest running shoes METASPEED EDGE+ and ASICS’ latest apparel. These in-game wearables are free, and a user can earn them when completing an ASICS athlete led workout.

Through the partnership with Zwift, a pioneering service provider in the online fitness and training industry, ASICS will build Running eco system through new services and community building using digital technology as outlined in “VISION2030.” ASICS continues to provide a new online running experience to customers by leveraging our knowledge and experience in running.

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