ASICS launches women’s campaign highlighting the Positive Impact of Movement on the mind

ASICS has launched a global campaign highlighting the power of exercise to help women cope with everyday stresses.

The campaign marks the launch of ASICS’ new NAGINO™ Collection and highlights the positive influence that movement can play on our mental state. The campaign was developed in response to ASICS 2022 State of Mind Index, which revealed that globally, women tend to exercise less than men and, as a result, experience a lower state of mind. 

Campaign to highlight the power of movement on the mind 

In a world where stress and anxiety are at record levels, the campaign highlights the power of exercise to calm the mind. Contrasting the shortness of breath in stressed moments with the controlled, rhythmic breaths of a workout, the new campaign highlights the power of movement to offset the stresses and strains of everyday life.  

ASICS’ NAGINO Collection 

Designed by women for women, the new NAGINO™ Collection is created to support women to find their inner calm through movement. Each piece is purposefully crafted to inspire body confidence and support women to move undistracted and comfortably during their run and workout. 

Martina Jurcova, Product Manager for Apparel and Accessories at ASICS explains: “With the NAGINO™ Collection we wanted her to feel comfortable and confident before, during and after her training. We know that nothing frees the mind like exercise and so the new collection is designed to be 100% distraction free, so the only thing she needs to focus on is herself and her workout.” 

The collection features pieces designed for running and training and is completed with colour matching footwear, including the brand’s latest product innovation, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 running shoe. Each item is highly technical, providing storage and layering options for on-the-go adaptability. One of the apparel highlights is the NAGINO™ Run Unitard made from premium heathered knit fabric and designed in a body-hugging shape to help her feel supported.  

The NAGINO™ Collection is available online and in store now. For more information, visit  

ASICS Commitment to Move Every Mind 

ASICS believes every mind deserves the right to be moved so we can all achieve a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Which is why ASICS is launching its mission to move every mind to help tackle exercise inequality and support everyone to feel the positive mental benefits of movement. This mission comes in response to ASICS State of Mind Index which uncovered a gender exercise gap, with women exercising significantly less than men, and potentially missing out on the mental benefits that exercise bring.   

As a first step to move every mind, ASICS is conducting a global live study to better understand the environmental and societal barriers preventing women from exercising and what needs to be done to help them to move freely.  

Sign up here to learn more about move every mind and register your interest to share your story and give your view on what needs to be done to tackle exercise inequality. 

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