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New Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles – the heart and soul of your footwear and biomechanical health

Who Needs an Insole?

The short answer – anyone with feet – there really isn’t a situation where you won’t benefit from shock-dispersion and biomechanical support.    Whether you pound the pavements, hike the hills, sweat it out at the gym or are simply on your feet all day at your job, a good insole can protect your body or, if it’s already too late, can relieve the symptoms of existing injuries.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you don’t have any niggles, it’s better to keep it that way.  Whatever your level of activity, steps produce shock waves on your body.  As you strike the ground, these high frequency waves travel up the body and can cause micro-traumas to the soft tissue in the lower limbs, if they not dispersed.  Likewise, if your gait needs correcting, unnatural strain is put on certain joints and muscles.  Protect yourself by replacing your shoe’s insole with one more specific to your needs.  Your gait and posture will improve, thus staving off injury. Almost everyone fails to put an effective and complete prevention strategy in place.  Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

Already Suffering with an Injury?

Shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, ITB Syndrome, osteoarthritis – just a few of the injuries that can be tough to live with but which can be helped by the simple act of inserting the correct insole in your shoe.  Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles help the body achieve a more ideal gait and dampen shockwaves to protect feet, ankles, shins, knees, hips, back and neck. 

What Makes a Good Insole?

Support, shock dispersion, gait correction, wicking materials – all of which can be found in the Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles range.  They use F3D technology – a 3mm dampening foam insert which dissipates up to 95% of the shockwaves produced by each foot strike. It is placed under the heel and forefoot so if you’re a heel striker or a forefoot striker you are protected.  The whole foot is supported by a PU foam core and a TPU brace provides support for to aid gait. 

What Kind of Shoes Are They Suitable For?

As long as you can remove the current insole and have room to fit in a high performance one, all shoes would benefit from then. Breathe new life into an old favourite, give padding and support back to a flattened, worn pair.  Increase potential mileage in training footwear.  Grow to love a formerly uncomfortable, ill-fitting pair.  It’s endless.

Why Should I Choose Ultimate Performance Advanced Insoles?

Nik Aveyard, Brand Manager at Ultimate Performance said: “We truly believe that everyone would benefit from an insole in their footwear.  And not just exercise shoes  – all footwear. 

“So, we are delighted to be bringing to market not only the most shock dispersing on the market but also the best value for money off-the shelf orthotic insole.  Our insoles are classified as a Class 1 Medical Device which demonstrates that they have been proven to have a beneficial effect.   All of this from just £20/pair.

How Do I Know Which Model I Need?

“If you don’t know your foot/gait type, take our simple wet foot test and match up your result to find out the correct one for you.  The Ultimate Performance Advanced Insole range includes three models: Cushion+,(4568) Support+ (4570) and Neutral (4569). And whichever you choose, you will benefit from the same high level shock dispersion.”

Where & When Can I Buy Them?

The full range will drop in September.  The Ultimate Performance Advanced F3D Neutral insole is available now.  Our Sales Managers can be contacted at [email protected] or apply for an online account at  

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