On walks the Art – in collaboration with Art Basel Miami Beach

When On was founded twelve years ago, the Swiss sports brand revolutionized the running experience with unique CloudTectechnology and a new design approach.

Since then, On has repeatedly questioned the status quo in its quest for new perspectives.

This is how the Cloudaway was born. ​ A light slip-on shoe with a flexible quick-lacing system – the ultimate companion for travel and excursions of all kinds. In addition to two additional new colourways (Ivory I Pearl, Pearl I Fogg), a limited version will be released in November: the Cloudaway Smokey Quartz. Its design and colourway is inspired by smoky quartz, in shimmery ice batik.

Studies by renowned institutions* show that, in addition to mental and physical health, walking and running also promote inspiration and creativity as well as the emergence of new, world-changing ideas. To emphasize this connection, On enables people to open up new perspectives through movement.

Running is an inclusive and accessible sport that accelerates big ideas. Following this principle, On would also like to make art tangible – through movement.
​At the heart of the partnership with Art Basel Miami Beach is the idea of ​​bringing running and art closer to as many people as possible, through inspiration within the framework of the fair, but also beyond Art Basel Miami Beach. For this On has developed Walks of Life:

Public Art Walks – Miami Beach

Public Art Walks invite visitors to step into the urban-outdoor shoe Cloudaway and test it while discovering selected public works of art and to learn about the background and context of the work.

These curated walks are led by Dejha Carrington, who, as co-founder of the Commissioner Platform, is committed to opening up art collecting to a more diverse community, starting with local art. Through her work as VP of Strategic Communications for the renowned YoungArts Foundation in Miami, Dejha Carrington is well informed about the local art world and public Art works.

Participants will receive curated insights and background information on hand-picked works of art while experiencing On’s unique feel and aesthetics. 

Art Walks will take place twice daily during Art Basel Miami Beach, starting from Collins Canal Park at the On Structure, a sculpture made from metal elements of the On logo. Prior registration is required for participation in the following walks:

Tuesday, November 29th: 4 pm
​Wednesday, November 30th: 10 am
​Thursday, December 1st: 10am and 4pm
​Friday, December 2nd: 10am and 4pm
​Saturday, December 4th: 10 am and 4pm

Experiencing art through movement with On is not solely reserved for the Art Basel Miami Beach visitors on site. On has developed a digital platform that invites you into a surreal world of video and sound art: On Sound Walks.

Sound Walks –

The venue for this unique experience is, where visitors will find three different audio tracks, each composed by a different artist. Each track is an invitation to explore one of Art Basel’s three city locations: Miami, Basel and Hong Kong. And each offers a blend of the city’s genuine audio environment and experimental ambient elements that urges the listener to immerse themselves in the soundscape.

The 20-minute recordings are intended to be experienced while walking, to help the listener relax. But they can only be heard on a mobile device if the user is in motion. The visual and acoustic landscapes have been created in collaboration with Bureau Borsche design studio and various audio artists.

Mirko Borsche and Jonas Imbery (Bureau Borsche) – concept and audiovisual production
​Rodinia (JJ Whitefield, Johannes Schleiermacher and Bernd Oezsevim) – Miami
​Moullinex (Luis Clara Gomes) – Hong Kong
​Jonas Imbery and Benedikt Wiessmeier – Basel


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