SiS enters pioneering partnership with England Athletics

Leaders in endurance nutrition, Science in Sport (SiS) have announced a ground-breaking new partnership with England Athletics, becoming the governing body’s Official Endurance Nutrition Partner.

The landmark agreement will see SiS and England athletics enter into a joint research venture with the aim of redefining the fuelling guidelines for England Athletics’ athletes. These include endurance runner, Samantha Harrison (10,000m, Half Marathon, Marathon) and 400m hurdler, Jessie Knight. England Athletics members and coaches will have access to SiS’s range of industry-leading nutritional products including, BETA FUEL, GO Isotonic Energy Gels, GO Electrolyte, HYDRO and REGO Rapid Recovery.

In addition to SiS product-based support, the brand will collaborate on a joint study using England Marathon elite talent to inform the SiS Science and innovation strategy. SiS will also benefit from access to a database of 400,000 engaged runners to expand its running market share in the UK.

The multi-year deal further enhances SiS’s commitment to understanding and providing solutions to the performance challenges of all athletes, in particular endurance runners.

Speaking on the landmark partnership,Sam Driver, Commercial Director at Performance Solutions, said: “This is a fantastic partnership for our business. It rapidly expedites our scientific pursuits to innately understand the endurance runner and how best to optimise their fuelling strategies. We hope through this partnership we will be able to provide a performance advantage to England Athletics athletes and also fuel our innovation pipeline to create the world’s best products for an endurance running audience. This partnership demonstrates SiS standing and stature in the industry and we are delighted to be chosen by England Athletics to partner on this venture.”

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, said: “We are thrilled to partner with SiS Endurance Sports Nutrition across England Athletics and especially across our Marathon Programme. This collaboration signifies a major step forward in our mission to create an environment that nurtures exceptional talent and fuels high performance. SiS’s expertise and commitment to innovation align perfectly with our vision, and we look forward to the transformative impact this partnership will have on our athletes.”

Tom Craggs, National Endurance Manager at England Athletics, said: “Through our partnership with SiS, we’re fuelling the future of marathon running, embracing innovation and empowering athletes to reach new heights. Together with SiS, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones in the world of running.”

Under the terms of the partnership, SiS’s official designation and naming rights are:

  • Official England Athletics Performance Nutrition Partner
  • Official England Athletics Hydration Partner
  • Official England Athletics Energy Nutrition Partner
  • Official England Athletics Recovery Nutrition Partner
  • England Athletics Marathon Programme supported by SiS

SiS will also maintain license to use England Athletics logos on any digital content or printed collateral.

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