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The Golden Trail World Series is coming to Eurosport

It’s a new foot forward. In 2023, the Golden Trail World Series will be broadcast on Eurosport.

The program: four races (Mont-Blanc Marathon, Sierre-Zinal and the two individual races – women’s and men’s – of the final in Italy, Il Golfo Dell’ Isola) will be broadcast live for two hours on Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 TV channels and in their entirety on Eurosport Player.

23-minute summaries reliving the highlights of Zegama, Dolomyths Run and the American tour races will also be broadcast one week after each event on Eurosport 1 and 2.

53 countries, 20 languages

All the GTWS will be broadcasted in 20 languages in 53 countries: this is a first for a trail running circuit!

“With broadcasting the Golden Trail Series on Eurosport, we are breaking new ground in our Series and our sport,” says Grégory Vollet, Director of the Golden Trail Series. “Eurosport already streams many endurance and outdoor sports, such as cycling, cyclo-cross, the world’s most renowned marathons, winter sports, etc. This TV channel therefore seemed ideal to broadcast the GTWS and speak about trail running. We will have eight hours of live coverage, two of these hours will be dedicated solely to women (at the final in Italy), all this in the first year! This new turning point will help us raise our sport to an even higher level and make it credible on the media scene.”

The Golden Trail Series: “The place to be!”

As the 2023 elite line-up takes shape, broadcasting the GTWS on Eurosport will definitely attract even more top-level runners.

“We already have an exceptional line-up for 2023,” explains Grégory Vollet, “and we will be announcing it in the next few days. But the arrival of the Golden on Eurosport will send a strong message to brands and athletes. Coming on a world circuit and benefiting from digital visibility, local, vertical and sometimes even horizontal press is good! But here we are talking about live TV on a channel that reaches several million people and is the Olympic Games’ official broadcaster! The visibility of trail running races has never been so crucial, and now we are striving to bring the show to other TV channels such as RTS (in Switzerland), ORF (in Austria), RAI (in Italy), iqIYI (in China) and many others. It is obvious that this will make the field even denser in the future and make the races even more spectacular!”

Eurosport in figures:

  • 53 countries
  • 74 million viewers on average per month
  • 20 different languages
  • 47% active runners among the viewers
  • 45% interested in outdoor activities
  • 4 x 2-hour livestreams on Eurosport TV channels for the GTWS (in its entirety on Player)
  • 3 x 23-minute race highlights

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