Two thirds of runners run in the dark, although almost half feel unsafe doing so

Running in low light conditions: some people love it, others just don’t feel it. According to a European survey among 5.609 runners, 65% of people regularly run in low light conditions. However, 48% of runners feel unsafe when they run in the dark.

The main reasons people don’t feel safe are the fear of a possible assault or harassment and the influence of traffic around them. To make sure their low light run is as safe as possible, runners take several precautions, such as selecting a safe running route and wearing reflective gear. More than a quarter of runners (27%) always share their live location when they go out for a run in the dark. Brooks Running solves visibility with their head-to-toe Run Visible Collection, including the all-new thermal tight.

Feeling unsafe while running is mainly something women experience: 74% of women do not feel safe while running in the dark opposed to 26% of men. Women do not feel safe, because they are afraid of a possible assault (81%) or possible harassment (85%). For men this is only 19% and 15%. The numbers are more balanced when we look at the impact of traffic. Feeling unsafe because of traffic is a factor for 26% of the runners, of which 53% are women and 47% men.

Be recognized as a runner

Luckily this is something that can be tackled by wearing the right gear. Three quarters (75%) of our runners already run in reflective gear when they go for a run between dusk and dawn. Although many runners use reflective items, this does not mean runners are convinced they use the right gear: 52% of runners think they do not have the right gear to run in the dark and 50% of the runners indicate they do not know where to find the right gear. Brooks Running, expert in running gear, has everything runners need to be seen in the dark as a runner. The Run Visible collection consists of performance running apparel, footwear and accessories that allow you to be recognised as a runner by a moving vehicle from 600 feet away. The trio of 3M™ Scotchlite™ Carbon Black Stretch reflectivity in critical motion zones, contrasting colours, and unique fluorescence, work together to help runners to shine when the sun is down.

Positive sides of running in the dark

For some people running in the dark is not something they fear but seek out intentionally. Quite a big group of runners – 70% – run in lowlight conditions once a week or even more.  The main reason people do run in the dark are:

  1. It is quieter on the streets and that helps me to run better
  2. It feels more relaxing when it’s dark(er)
  3. It is the only moment of the day when I have time to run
  4. It helps me to sleep better (for those running around or after sunset)
  5. It helps to me to be more alert

People that do not see the advantages running in the dark do see some possible solutions that could persuade them to extend their running time:

  • 37%: more lights in places where I run
  • 36%: protected places where I can run unbothered
  • 34%: running with a running buddy
  • 33%: more traffic free places to run
  • 29%: having the right gear

Visibility Solved

The Run Visible Collection is specifically designed to allow runners to be recognised as a runner through innovative design features. This year the all-new Run Visible thermal tight helps runners to stay warm when the temperature drops. The DriLayer Threshold fabric provides just-right warmth.

The Run Visible thermal tight contains secure pockets and drop-in hip pockets and ankle zips that allow for easy on & off! The Run Visible collection also includes high-visibility options for the soft and lightweight Glycerin 20 and road-ready Ghost 15. The Run Visible thermal tight is made with recycled content equivalent to 11 plastic water bottles. Also, other items in the collection are made from recycled materials. The Run Visible collection of Brooks is available on https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_gb and at selected retailers. The all-new thermal tight is available for £85 and available now.

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