Fast times loud crowds and an electrifying atmosphere at The Night of the 10000m PBs

An electrifying atmosphere at The Night of the 10,000m PBs

The Night of the 10,000m PBs lived up to its name and offered spectators an electric atmosphere with top-notch races and competitions.

This year, The Night of the 10,000m PBs doubled as the UK 10,000m championships and Olympic trials. 

Spectators were treated to 17 races, with athletes from more than 30 countries, alongside entertainment options, including the infamous cheering tents right on the track, circus acts, dance crews, and plenty more. 

A True Night of PBs

Runners set a total of 71 new personal bests across the club level and B races that began early in the afternoon and set the tone for the rest of the day. In the men’s first 10,000m race, Kacob Brockman (Thames Hare & Hounds) broke away for the first PB of the day, winning the race in 31:06.10, followed by Ben Savill (Brighton & Hove AC) and Jack Eykelbosch (Dacorum Athletics Club), both also coming away with a PB. In the second men’s race of the night, the podium finishers also all came away with new PBs, with Shame Spring (Raheny Shamrock AC) taking the win in 30:22.83, followed by Gavyn Chalmers (Leeds City Athletic Club) and Thibaul Niederhauser of Switzerland. 

On the women’s club level, Meghan Ryan of Ireland took home the first title of the evening, completing the 25 laps in 34:49.77, followed by Karoline Harnes Mongstad (35:15.72) of Norway and Roamne Wolhauser (35:21.18) from Athletisme Viseu-Geneve. 

William Rabjohns and Holly Ovens won the U20 men’s and women’s 800m races, which were held just before the 10,000m championships. 

Sprint Finishes in Elite Races

Despite no Olympics standards being hit in the elite races (set at 27:00 for men and 30:40 for women), the races certainly delivered on the PB front, with 25 new PBs for the elites in London. 

In the women’s elite race, Megan Keith (GBR) stormed to a thrilling and narrow victory in 31:03.02 ahead of Fiona O’Keeffe of the United States. As the 25 laps ticked on, a lead pack formed, featuring the future winner as well as Amanda Vestri (US), Klara Lukan (SLO) and Francine Niyomukunzi (BDI). In the final three laps, Keith and O’Keeffe began to draw away for a home-straight battle for hold. O’Keeffe finished less than half a second behind Keith, and Vestri crossed the line for bronze just seven seconds after them and with a new personal best. A total of 9 women crossed the finish line with new shining PBs to celebrate. 

The elite men also failed to hit the Olympic standard yet still delivered fast times and a thrilling race, with 16 men coming away with a new personal best. Mohamed Isamel of Dibouti clocked 27:22.38, outstripping Patrick Dever (GBR) by less than a second. French athlete Felix Bour finished in third with a new personal best time of 27:27.11, followed by last year’s winner, Paul Chelimo. 

Eight On athletes laced up their shoes in London, three with new personal bests, and Francine Niyomukunzi of On’s Tuscany camp with the highest finish of the night, fifth place in the women’s championship race. 

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