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Why should runners use Superfeet carbon fibre insoles?

What comes to mind when you hear the word carbon fibre? For many, it sounds like a material reserved for high-speed Formula 1 race cars and high-end lightweight road bicycles. And while that’s correct, the same material is also used in Superfeet carbon fibre insoles.

Carbon fibre puts the “super” in Superfeet — carbon fibre gives our insoles an edge in weight, feel, and performance that is unrivalled in conventional insoles. 


Using carbon fibre insoles can add a competitive edge to any sport, something professional athletes know all about. By slipping a carbon fibre insole into your shoe, you are upping your game with superior technology that imparts the advantage of a lightweight, strong, firm base to work with. 

Several Superfeet insoles feature a carbon fibre-blended stabiliser cap, using a material we call EVOLyte®. EVOlyte is a blend of carbon fibre and polymer plastic that provides a responsive and resilient underfoot experience. Think of it as Superfeet’s secret sauce. 

You will find these carbon fibre-blended insoles under the feet of professional runners and hockey players. But you will also find them under the feet of dedicated weekend warriors. These carbon fibre insoles will spring back to their original shape time and time again throughout the hard hikes and long walks you put them through. In summary, they are incredibly durable and offer weight-defying support.

Carbon fibre insoles are best used in sports that have a lot of impact and movement, like running, hiking, walking, and hockey. They offer great shock absorption and an additional level of comfort. They can even help prevent injuries to keep you going faster and longer. The arch support is defined in these insoles and creates a stable footbed from which to propel your feet.

Using a carbon fibre insole can also help alleviate foot pain and ailments such as plantar fasciitis, turf toe, and other common injuries that plague athletes. 

Throughout the years, carbon fibre insoles have progressed a lot. The history of these high-tech insoles dates back to 2013 when Superfeet developed EVOLyte, our signature proprietary carbon fibre-polymer blend, in Superfeet CARBON.

Since then, Superfeet has incorporated innovative EVOLyte technology into the following products:



Oftentimes people think that carbon fibre insoles are reserved only for professional athletes or hardcore sports enthusiasts. While the pros do love using carbon fibre insoles, it’s not solely reserved for such athletes — anyone can benefit from this technology.

The Superfeet carbon fibre insoles are for anyone who is doing hard impact activities and prefers a more responsive underfoot feel and experience. 

Think about a nice carbon fibre road bicycle. While the pros ride these bikes in the Tour de France, weekend warriors who ride around town also purchase carbon fibre bicycles because of the lightweight frame and strength and stability they provide. 

It is the same story for insoles. While someone climbing Mount Everest or running an Ironman Race will benefit greatly from a carbon fibre insole, you get the same benefits on your weekend hike or local 5K charity run. 

The truth is that sometimes the average athlete can even benefit more from carbon fibre running shoes or a rigid carbon fibre shoe insert because of the gap it fills between the average runner and a pro. 

Pros are so strong, fast, and proficient that a carbon fibre insole will help them, but only so much. For us mere mortals, the transformative nature of adding a carbon fibre insole can take our game up a notch, or even two! 

The main advantages of going with carbon fibre insoles are:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong and stiff
  • Solid arch support
  • Reactive sole
  • Firm structure
  • Injury prevention
  • Incredibly durable
  • A very high strength-to-weight ratio


Another major benefit in going with a carbon fibre insole is that it can help alleviate common injuries or leg pain that many people face. 

All Superfeet insoles, including those with EVOLyte, have a biomechanics-based orthotic design that helps cradle the heel and stabilize the foot.

This means that a carbon fibre insole can be beneficial to those experiencing:

  • Osteoarthritis in the big toe or midfoot
  • Long-term navicular fractures
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Hallux rigidus
  • Lisfranc injury
  • Various stress fractures

If you’ve ever combatted any of these injuries, you know how serious and debilitating they can be. By adding a carbon fibre insole to your shoes or boots, the high-end technology can help lessen these problems, or even prevent them from occurring in the first place. 

A carbon fibre insole is not a magic bullet that will cure foot and body ailments, however, when used correctly, it is best for anyone who prioritizes stability and support over flexibility and cushion. 

If you have ever used a custom foot orthotic with success or have a recent history of injury or pain and want to prevent painful injuries in the future, a insole made with carbon fibre might be great fit for you.       

Superfeet carbon fibre insoles


The high-end technology used in carbon fibre shoe inserts has a wide array of benefits. Often, it’s best to experience it first-hand, but we will do our best to explain what these benefits are and how they can help you.

Carbon fibre is a low-density material with a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that the insoles offer the athlete a very stiff insole with high tensile strength. While it is strong, it is also very lightweight and offers a high-temperature tolerance. 

All this technology and science translates to a top-of-the-line experience for the user. The primary benefits of using carbon fibre inserts include:

  • Lightweight
  • Slim shape
  • More support
  • Shock absorption
  • Presence underfoot
  • Maximized responsiveness
  • Reduce risk of new injuries

This is the reason pro athletes love to use carbon fibre insoles. But anyone who is participating in a high-impact activity such as running, hiking, hockey, or skiing and snowboarding will feel the benefits of a carbon fibre insole. 

Superfeet insoles made with EVOLyte can help athletes of all levels reduce foot fatigue while gaining efficiency. It creates a responsive experience that delivers exceptional comfort and smooth and efficient energy transfer through your gait from foot strike to toe-off.


So, carbon fibre insoles sound great if you are looking to go lightweight or prevent injuries, but what if you are looking to improve your performance on the trail, field, or ice? 

Well, we are here to tell you that Superfeet carbon fibre insoles absolutely do have the ability to improve performance! With a carbon fibre insert with EVOlyte technology in your shoes, boots, or skates, you can expect to run faster, hike higher, and skate longer. 

Take the Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey insole for instance. This product offers everyone from NHL pros to recreation league skaters up to 11% better acceleration on the ice, unrivalled edge control, and exceptional energy transfer. 

These insoles are designed for tight turns, crossovers, quick starts, and hard stops. They are a genuine game-changer.

According to some studies, carbon fibre can help to better distribute the kinetic energy, causing an increase of up to 2% higher on vertical jumps, and thanks to the lightweight and slim shape, they are also more comfortable and manageable for runners.

Using our EVOlyte carbon fibre-polymer blend allows Superfeet to produce a product that is incredibly durable with weight-defying support, so you see the gains in your game.

Superfeet carbon fibre insoles

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