Ultra runner Alyssa Clark

Ultra runner Alyssa Clark joins On

The On Trail Team has added another talented athlete, Alyssa Clark, an American from Vermont, who has found success racing ultra distances around the world.

Nicknamed the Slog Queen, Alyssa Clark said that she loves putting in the extra work, including unseen miles and effort.

“A queen respects the mountains, not conquering but ruling with gratitude and love for the places that give them freedom. They live for the uncomfortable and embrace the spaces where they have not previously been before. A slog queen takes one day at a time, one step at a time through triumph and hardship to embrace their best self. A slog queen gives the world some hell,” said Alyssa Clark.

Clark’s running record includes notable first-place finishes at Canyons Endurance Run and HURT 100 in 2023. She also was the first female finisher at the Moad 240 Race in 2022. 

“I have seen tremendous growth in just the last year by going undefeated in my last three races and challenging the men for top positions. I race with joy, gratitude and confidence that I believe will only continue to grow. I also feel I can elevate On in technical mountain sports and expand the platform into that area.” 

A testament to being her own biggest competition, in 2020 Clark ran 95 marathons in 95 days. Making time to log 26.2 smiles every single day until she caught Covid and realized that continuing to run would only sideline her for future challenges.

Now an established ultra runner, Clark joins the roster, ready to be competitive at some of the top trail races in the world.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome the amazing talent of Alyssa Clark to the On Trail team. She has an infectious drive for adventure and we can’t wait to see what new heights we can reach together,” said David Kilgore, Athlete Partnership Manager Trail.

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