Dr Ron Hill presentation to World Athletics Museum

Dr Ron Hill was remembered at a special awards ceremony hosted by the World Athletics Museum.

Graham Richards, Director of Ronhill Sports, was invited by World Athletics to the recent World Indoor track championships, in Glasgow, where the ceremony took place and Dr Ron Hill was remembered.

Graham presented to Sebastian Coe, an identical vest worn by Dr Ron Hill, MBE, during the Munich Olympic marathon, in 1972. In addition, there was a photograph of the silver shorts and racing shoes he also wore in the race.

There were also seven other presentations from: Alan Wells, Jon Regis, Tom Mckean, Yvonne Murray-Mooney, Steve Cram, Denise Lewis and Fiona May.

Graham said: “In addition to a wonderful championships, it was a privilege to present the magnificent framed vest and photographs and for an item of Dr Ron’s kit to have its rightful place in the World Athletics Museum.  In addition to be amongst such outstanding athletes was also a major highlight of the weekend.”

Dr Ron Hill MBE founded the brand in September 1970, five months after becoming the first Briton to win the Boston Marathon in a record time of 2:10:30. His sole purpose: to produce kit that kept him winning.

Dr Ron gained a PhD in Textile Chemistry, from the University of Manchester and through alchemy and his art as a runner, began to rethink the fly-by-night running kit of the time. After winning the Commonwealth Games in 1970 he developed the ‘side-split short’ which famously become the Freedom Short and the Mesh Vest – both having accompanied him to his greatest victories on the road.

Ronhill is proud of our founder and the heritage he has allowed. His lifelong passion of running and improvement is shared within the team and products we produce today. With 50 years of retrospect, Ronhill has benefited from the experiential learning and change that has occurred within running – from its sporting roots, to a lifestyle and universal culture.

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