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New Running Influencers Index released

As part of the new Running Report, which uncovers the top trends across the running industry, two new indexes have revealed the top earning running influencers on social media.  

The running scene across both Instagram and TikTok has exploded in the past year, with hundreds of running influencers trending on both platforms. This has been reflected in the UK’s search habits, with an 180% increase in searches for ‘running influencers’ in the past year alone.  

With so many running influencers sharing everything about the sport, from product recommendations to weekly running challenges, it’s a tough arena to stand out in. So, has taken a deep dive into the data to find out which British influencers are speeding to the front of social media audiences’ attention, as handy inspiration for those looking to get started on, or improve, their running journey.  

To create the indexes, looked at the UK’s most famous running influencers, analysing their followers, average likes per post and number of posts for Instagram and for TikTok, looked at their followers, number of videos and total likes on the platform.  

The Most Popular Running Influencers on Instagram 

Topping off the list with an Influencing Score of 15.63 is Mary McCarthy. A Southwest Londoner, Mary is known as the ‘pocket rocket’ and her content includes fitness, fashion and food. Mary is armed with a Sports and Exercise Masters and competes in ultra-marathons among swimming, gym workouts and cycling.  

Hot on Mary’s heels is Made in Chelsea star Joshua Patterson, scoring 9.68. Josh has his own company, Runna Plans and is also a soon-to-be published author. His Instagram feed mainly consists of the marathon challenge he’s just completed – becoming the first person in history to run a marathon in all 76 British cities. 

Russ Cook completes the top three with 8.23 points. The social media star and charity fundraiser is currently on a mission to become the first person to run the entire length of Africa.  

Rank Influencer  Instagram Handle Influencing Score 
Mary McCarthy marymccarths 15.63 
Joshua Patterson joshuapatterson_jp 9.68 
Russ Cook hardestgeezer 8.23 
Emma Kirk-Odunubi emmakirkyo 8.12 
Emma Mailer em_fitx 7.38 
Savannah Sachdev savannahsachdev 6.60 
Laura Fountain lazygirlrunning 6.17 
Rowan Wood thefellrunner 6.15 
Sophie Power ultra_sophie 5.46 
10 Tasha Thompson tasharunstings 5.07 
11 Anya Culling a.culling 4.76 
12 Rhianna Crisp rhiannacrisp 4.65 
13 Lillie Bleasdale lilliesfitness 4.58 
14 Sophie Raworth sophieraworth 4.30 
15 Sabrina Pace-Humphreys sabrunsmiles 4.13 

The Most Popular Running Influencers on TikTok  

Besides Instagram, running influencers also utilise TikTok as a platform to share their running journey with their followers. In the last year, in particular, more people than ever have started to document their runs in short-form videos, creating a running community that has developed rapidly, encouraging more people than ever to get into the sport. With this in mind, also took a deep dive into TikTok’s most popular running stars.  

Imogen Boddy (@imoboddy) has been crowned the most loved British TikTokker, with an Influencing Score of 197.84. Imo is a running coach who is the youngest female to run the length of the UK. She posts videos of her running and wellbeing journey, from mental health to running tips.  

Bath-based athlete and running coach Lillie Bleasdale ranks in second place with an influencing score of 148.25, while Natalie Long rounds off the top three, scoring 46.97. Natalie is an ultra-runner and mum-to-be who regularly posts running challenges on her feed.  

Rank Influencer  TikTok Handle Influencing Score 
Imogen Boddy imoboddy 197.84 
Lillie Bleasdale lilliesfitness 148.25 
Natalie Long nat_runs_ 46.97 
Caroly Rowena carlyrowena 27.81 
Molly Butterworth mollybutterworth_ 25.10 
Alfie Manthorpe alfiemanthorpe 16.79 
Susie Chan susie_chan_ 16.42 
Aidan O’Flaherty theirishphysio 11.85 
Charlie Watson therunnerbeans 11.83 
10 Mary McCarthy marymccarths 10.89 
11 Joshua Patterson joshuapatterson_jp 10.80 
12 Kirsty Hendey kirstyhendey 10.01 
13 Emma Kirk-Odunubi emmakirkyo 9.28 
14 Hollie Maskell physiofithollie 8.66 
15 Rhianna Crisp rhiannacrispx 7.58 

Dan Cartner, Head of Marketing at, said: “With social media trends having a massive influence on the public’s interest and habits around running, we wanted to take a deeper look into how social media impacts the running industry in general. Our results show that platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have a huge influence in generating a higher interest in the running community, encouraging more people to join and get inspired to start their own running journey, which is great to see.” 

A full breakdown of the results and other interesting statistics around running can be found at:

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