Industry-leaders in active compression wear CEP are thrilled to launch a new range of ultra-lightweight and functional running apparel, headlined by their new and improved Run Socks.

CEP’s new Run Sock Collection includes five products to suit all needs – knee-high socks, calf sleeves, mid-cut, low cut, and no show socks. Each product is packed with intelligent features to improve performance, reduce fatigue, and provide unbeatable comfort. CEP’s compression technology stimulates blood flow, reduces muscle vibrations, and improves stability while the clever anatomical design provides active shock absorption and prevents blisters. 

Each pair of socks and calf sleeves feature a number of advanced technologies, including Smart Dry Extreme Air Technology®, Feran ICP®, HeiQ®, and Silver Treatment. 

SMART DRY EXTREME AIR TECHNOLOGY adapts to changing weather conditions. On hot days, the channel cross-section in the calf zone promotes the wicking of sweat from the skin to the surface of the fabric where excess moisture can evaporate more quickly to keep the skin dry. On cold days, the channel cross-section traps air to additionally insulate the zone from the outside cold.

FERAN ICP is a high-performance concentrate that provides next-generation sweat-wicking and fast-drying qualities – key for keeping feet dry and comfortable and preventing chafing or blisters. 

HEIQ technology provides revolutionary cooling and breathability, cooling skin surface temperature by up to 2°C/3.5°F.

SILVER TREATMENT provides an antibacterial effect and reduces unpleasant odours. 

As part of their wider Run Collection, CEP are also welcoming a range of non-compression ultra-light tights and shorts (featuring TIGHTFIT Technology), shirts, along with new colours in their tank tops, race-fit shorts, caps and visors, to suit all needs.

Annemarie Boehm, International Business Developer at CEP, said, “Our new Run Collection enables us to become a toe-to-top active brand, with compression technology still at its heart. We want to provide the complete package for athletes with a range of products to suit every need and advanced technology to allow them to achieve their best performance.”
For more information about CEP, and their run collection, please visit www.cepsports.co.uk. The team can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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