Stay safe with the Ledlenser K6R Safety Rechargeable Keyring Torch

Ledlenser K6R Safety Rechargeable Keyring Torch

The Ledlenser K6R Safety is an ultra-compact yet powerful keychain light with up to 400 lumens that also includes a shrill alarm for emergency situations that can help deter an attacker or serves as a loud call for help.

The indispensable accessory for when you’re in the dark, alone or feel unsafe and need the ability to signal for help. The Ledlenser K6R Safety can be quickly and easily recharged via the simple fold out USB-A interface.


  • Low Power 20 lumens, 15 meters for 8 hrs
  • Standard Power 200 lumens, 50 meters for 1.5 hrs
  • Boost Mode 400 lumens for 80 meters, a short burst of maximum power for when you need it most


  • Shrill Alarm and Light: Loud alarm (100dB) and powerful light that are easily accessible for emergencies, to ward off danger or signal for help
  • Foldout USB-A: Reliable charging that is quick and easy to use; no cables required
  • Always Within Reach: Carabiner lets you easily attach to keyring, backpack or purse
  • Transport Lock: Lock protects against unintentional switching on
  • Charge Level Indicator: Always know how much battery life is available


  • Weight: 32g
  • Length: 66mm
  • Width: 30mm
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Time to full charge: 180 mins
  • IP rating: IP2X
  • Drop test: 2 meters
  • Working temp range: -20 to +40
  • No. of LEDs: 1
  • LED colour: White
  • Colour temp: 5000k to 8000k
  • Colour rendering index: 70 CRI


Standard warranty period of 2 years on our K-Series range. An industry leading warranty that covers defects in manufacturing. Be confident that we stand behind the craftsmanship and quality of our products.

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