On sportswear opens store in Paris

On sportswear continues to expand its global retail network, opening its first flagship store in France – its fourth in Europe.

On sportswear flagship store located in the historic St-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris, the 250-square-meter store showcases On’s latest innovations in head-to-toe sportswear, in a unique Parisian blend of running culture, nature and technology.

“As our On’s root, our store is founded and sourced in Run Culture. For this first store in Paris, we turned to the Parisian scale and texture of materials common to running routes in the city,” said Nicolas Martin, Head of Brand Environments at On. “The infamous “pavés”, urban parc furniture and even the prominent centre campaign adopting Paris’ radial planning with focused perspectival highlights. Merging warm nature-infused materials with high tech Swiss engineering.”

Innovative design

Nestled in the heart of Paris, in the bustling St-Germain-des-Prés district with its typical arcades, the On Paris store blends naturally into its surroundings. The large window reveals a warm interior where textures, mineral colours and innovative design elements mingle. 

At the entrance, On’s run collection and technology take centre stage, with a giant movement inspired screen on the ceiling, product storytelling and On’s infamous try-on experience with its Magic Wall system – the brand’s signature fixture that offers a full view of the shoe offering and immediate access to all models and sizes. This innovative approach eliminates the time spent waiting for products and optimizes interactions with the store’s expert advisors. 

Continuing into the main space, in the center of the store, the link between nature and local culture becomes even stronger. The round plaza has been designed in the style of a typical French garden – a nod to the Jardin du Luxembourg just a few steps away. Concrete blocks of different sizes allude to hedges with their texture and rough surfaces, in homage to topiary art. In the centre, the round aluminium podium is reminiscent of a water fountain. Walking between the curved modules gives visitors the impression of strolling through a garden. 

Parisian runners

“On Paris is a logical next step for On’s French market, which has great potential for growth. We want to continue to connect with the local community and this flagship store will be an undeniable asset for engaging with the Parisian runners, and those visiting the capital for the forthcoming major events, particularly in 2024,” said Bianca Pestalozzi, On General Manager EMEA.

On Paris reflects the brand’s persistent innovation and devotion to creating unique products and experiences for customers everywhere. The store will serve as a hub for the local run community where runners of all kinds can safely gather to run together and see the latest innovations and collections of clothing, footwear and accessories from On. 

On’s Paris Flagship Store will be officially open for customers as of November 17, 2023.

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