COROS announces large firmware update for its GPS watches

COROS announces large firmware update for its GPS watches 

COROS, makers of GPS sports wearables and training software for performance and adventure, have announced the launch of its August 2023 firmware update, which brings many exciting new features to the APEX Pro 1, VERTIX 1, PACE 2, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro, and VERTIX 2.   

This update which is free to all COROS users includes the following: 

  1. Turn-by-Turn Navigation (*Beta)Navigate easily with new real-time turn indicators that help you stay on course. 
  2. Custom Watch Faces – Elevate your look with new customisable watch faces. Go analogue or digital. Pick a personal photo or choose from the COROS collection.
  3. Stats Summary – Quickly view summarised stats from your recent training in daily, weekly, or monthly views.
  4. Watermark Image Sharing – Post-Activity Workout images now allow more customisation. Users can add data options for text overlay, such as distances covered that month, earned badges, personal record statistics, and daily training. Add your image, or choose one provided by COROS. Easily share watermark images on social media. 
  5. Workouts for Trail Running – Workouts are now available for Trail Running. Users can design custom workout plans in Trail Run mode, as well as set elevation goals for a trail run.
  6. Strava Notes Sync Automatic upload of unique COROS data can now be sent directly to your Strava activity notes. This is available for Running, treadmills, trail running, track running, outdoor climbing, indoor climbing, and jump rope. This feature is enabled once you have connected your Strava to your COROS app.
  7. Stryd Next-Gen Metric SupportCollect STRYD’s new “Impact Loading Rate” metric using your COROS Watch and view it in your COROS App. Then, use the pre-existing platform sync to transfer your data and view your “Lower Body Stress Score” in Stryd’s app. 

Even more features:

The firmware update also includes several other feature additions, such as the ability to Merge points on custom routes, set Favourite Locations, Notifications for Navigation Failure, Trail Running Optimisations, More Sensitive Running Fitness Algorithms, Extended Activity Recording options, Improved Wi-Fi connectivity for firmware installations, Watch and App Aesthetic Updates, a new option to Edit Missed Workouts, as well as general bug fixes. 

COROS is now also compatible with the following 3rd party apps: 

  1. Xhale –
  2. Stryd Next Gen Metrics –
  3. Good Coach –
  4. Alpi Training – 

This free firmware upgrade will be fully rolled out to all COROS users by the 28th of August via the companion COROS iOS and Google Play mobile apps. For full information on all the new features and release notes, please check the August 2023 Firmware Blog here

Turn-By-Turn – *Beta 

This feature will remain in a public beta for approximately 3-6 months to allow COROS to configure it for optimal performance across all use cases before pushing it out to all global users. VERTIX 2, APEX 2, and APEX 2 Pro users who wish to test the Turn-By-Turn beta can sign up via this link

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