ASICS receives the Best IR Award and the Kyokan! IR Award

ASICS receives the Best IR Award and the Kyokan! IR Award

ASICS Corporation has recently received the Best IR Award and the Kyokan! IR Award (lit. “Empathy-Evoking IR Award”) at the 2023 IR Prime Business Award presented by the Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA).

This is the first time that the company has won either of the awards.

The IR Prime Business Award program is aimed at commending companies, selected from among JIRA members, for being strongly committed to IR activities based on a profound understanding the objectives thereof and having achieved outstanding outcomes, such as receiving great support from market participants. This year marks the 28th year of this award program.

ASICS was selected for the Best IR Award in recognition of its achievements described as follows:

• The company is enhancing its IR activities with high motivation under the leadership of top management.

• Its executives in charge clearly communicate the direction of its management strategy and other matters.

• Also, the company discloses very detailed information about each of its businesses and regions.

• It clearly expresses its positive attitude toward having its strategies understood well, resulting in a meaningful dialogue with investors.

• Investment Day, an event held by the company, has attracted market attention as an opportunity for investors to listen to the ASICS management team explaining its initiatives in detail, and it is highly rated as an IR event.

Meanwhile, the Kyokan! IR Award (lit. “Empathy-Evoking IR Award”) was newly established in 2020 to share the energetic IR activities of IR Prime Business Award applicants and scale out the best practices. This award goes to companies selected through a mutual vote among IR Prime Business Award applicants. This year, Kyokan! IR Award winners were selected with a focus placed on their commitment to developing IR human resources and increasing their capabilities.

The next Investment Day is scheduled for November 28, 2023, where ASICS will announce Mid-Term Plan 2026 for the three-year period from 2024 to 2026.

In addition, ASICS has been actively committed to giving investors from Japan and abroad a vivid picture of its R&D forefront by inviting them to the ASICS Institute of Sport Science. For this kind of event in 2024, ASICS is planning to offer an IR tour in Southeast Asia to financial market players, including analysts covering ASICS.

We will continue to take on the challenge of conducting IR activities with various well-designed features unique to ASICS with the aim of building better relationships with our stakeholders, thereby further increasing our corporate value.

○Japan Investor Relations Association (JIRA)

○ IR information on the ASICS website

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