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Children’s foot growth digital forecasting service ASICS STEPNOTE ties up with 3D foot measuring app

ASICS Corporation announces the release of the newest version of “ASICS STEPNOTE”: a children’s feet growth digital forecasting service. The new version has added features and will be available from December 2.

ASICS STEPNOTE is a digital service that projects the growth of children’s feet and notifies right size shoes at the right timing. The service recommends shoe models appropriate for the growth of an individual child’s feet. The service is being provided free of charge to members of the OneASICS loyalty program. ASICS STEPNOTE was first launched in December 2021 and has been extremely well-received with more than 19,000 registered users in the Japanese version, well exceeding initial forecasts.

The newest version was updated to link with a 3D foot measuring app in trial use at a few ASICS owned stores, and children’s foot measurement data can be measured more precisely. Also, algorithms of ASICS STEPNOTE improved to expand features for more precise growth projections.

 Main new features

  1. Partnering with a 3D foot measuring app to support precise foot shape measurement
    By linking with a 3D foot measuring app currently in development, measurements will be simplified by customers. The unique characteristics of each children foot can also be more precisely measured. The foot measurement data is transferred to ASICS STEPNOTE reading a barcode for utilization.

    The 3D foot measuring app will first be used in a trial at two ASICS owned stores, ASICS OSAKA SHINSAIBASHI and ASICS KIDS GINZA, starting from December 2, 2022 to January 31, 2023. The app will be considered to formally introduce, and ASICS will develop smartphone apps so that the foot size can be easily measured even at home.

  2. Projecting growth and recommending shoes appropriate based on adolescent growth spurts
    By using an algorithm based on expertise developed at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science and making more precise growth projections that can detect the adolescent growth spurts, ASICS can suggest more appropriate timing for shifting to adult-size shoes to match growth.

    There are individual differences in children’s growth, and those may result in big differences in foot shape. The adolescent growth spurts we focus on here indicates impending adulthood both in body and in mind. It is a time when individual differences increase, and girls also tend to mature faster than boys. Therefore, choosing a shoe appropriate for individual growth is important.

    Moreover, children are able to move more energetically and dynamically at this time, and choosing shoes with features like stability and cushioning that protect the feet is also recommended. ASICS STEPNOTE can recommend the proper timing for moving to adult shoes in order to support children’s more healthful growth.

ASICS’ founding philosophy is “Sound Mind, Sound Body™,” and the company offers products, services, and an environment that contribute to improving the physical and emotional health of people around the world.

The service will be offered to OneASICS members in overseas regions, and ASICS plans to develop a “Kids ecosystem”* that utilizes digital platforms. ASICS aims to help support healthful and enriching lifestyles for children and their family.

  • * ASICS expands digital services and aims to maximize customer value based on ”Transformation to digital driven company,” one of Strategic Objectives in Mid-Term Plan 2023. “Kids ecosystem” will cover the necessary processes for the healthy growth of children’s feet measurement, keeping records, management, and shoe purchases in one location.

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