ASICS EMEA opens state-of-the-art training facility

ASICS has opened Chojo Camp Europe, the brand’s first European pro athlete training centre in Font-Romeu, France.

Building on ASICS continuous efforts to support its athletes by offering the very best products and care for both body and mind, the camp has been designed to help all runners feel and perform at their best, while striving for their personal peak.  

The camp, managed by Dave Klink, will host around 20 ASICS athletes – short and long-distance runners – at a time, offering access to a brand-new athletics track, a hypoxia chamber, a weight, and fitness room alongside a recovery pool. During their stay at one of the brand’s chalets, a team of physios, psychologists and doctors will be available to provide the physical and mental care that the athletes need to feel and train at their best. 

Olivier Mignon, Director of Sports Marketing, ASICS EMEA said: “We are excited to be opening the Chojo Camp Europe today. The physical and mental well-being of our athletes has always been important to ASICS. We’ve been able to support them with products, physical care such as physios, mental-health services and now with their own space to prepare for competitions. The camp is a fantastic opportunity for our athletes to come together and train under the best conditions. Looking ahead to the World Championships in Budapest this year and Paris next year, we’re confident this will help our athletes prepare to be at their top level.” 

Prominent names such as Eilish McColgan, Sarah Lathi and Mo Katir are already preparing to set up base in Font-Romeu for an extended period as they train for the upcoming challenges in Budapest. Further athletes will join on a shorter stay basis as of now all the way through the Paris preparation phase.  

A familiar face to the Font-Romeu commune, Eilish McColgan, said: “It’s great to have ASICS support its athletes with these facilities. I’ve always been a fan of altitude training, and being able to have a base in Europe, close to where I’ll be racing over the summer, is fantastic. It’s not something all athletes have the funding to do, but with ASICS opening the Chojo Camp many who wouldn’t normally, can now train at altitude and experience the benefits. I’m looking forward to getting in my sessions on the track, whilst also getting to mingle with fellow ASICS athletes.” 

The meaning of Chojo 

The term ’Chojo’ term has a long history at ASICS. It was no one else but the founder himself, Kihachiro Onitsuka, who frequently used the term in internal conversations and when referring to new projects. The word translates from Japanese to ‘striving for the peak’, which is reflected in ASICS’ approach to product innovations and services. 

With the introduction of the camp, ASICS is supporting its athletes as they strive for their peak performances, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Alongside the European facility, ASICS has also established a training camp in Iten, Kenya, to support the development of new athletes. 

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