Caspoe introduces Everyday Cap Collection

Small independent UK running, sports and adventure cap provider Caspoe Ltd has unveiled its Everyday Collection – a highly anticipated second set of performance running caps.

Crafted sustainably with refreshed materials while retaining their notable design features, these caps are tailored for the conscious adventurer who values both style and performance while embodying Caspoe’s commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Caspoe meticulously crafts these caps using recycled materials, reflecting their dedication to environmental responsibility and a sustainable future. Their distinctive design philosophy marries fashion with function, providing an experience that resonates with individuals seeking both style and substance. 

Darren Pascoe, Director at Caspoe said: “Our performance running caps are designed for outdoor enthusiasts and seamlessly blend style with functionality. 

“Being lightweight and breathable, they ensure comfort during runs and various outdoor activities, while moisture-wicking technology keeps wearers cool and dry in all conditions.”

While perfect for running, the new Caspoe caps are designed to be usable for any activity and provide style, performance, and durability. 

Darren added: “We decided on a one-size-fits-most design because it allows us to cater for diverse preferences, offering sleek styles for urban runners and rugged aesthetics for outdoor explorers.”

For more information on Caspoe’s newest performance running caps, visit

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