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Craft baselayers guaranteed for a lifetime

Craft is a pioneer in performance baselayer and offers functional garments that provide excellent body-temperature management during exercise in any condition.

The fabric structures and knitting techniques interact to efficiently transport moisture away from the skin and distribute it on the outside, where it evaporates or is passed on to next layer for optimal performance and comfort.

In 1973 inventor, Anders Bengtsson went out for a run outside his home in Borås, Sweden, with a set of new underwear, he had designed.

Post-workout, he tested his design by measuring the moisture content in his underwear. After years of designing, testing and creating, he had found the perfect baselayer for optimal body temperature management. Borås, anchored in a tradition of handicraft, knitting factories and an entrepreneurial spirit, was the perfect playground for Craft. Four decades later, we continue to design, develop and manufacture cutting-edge apparel and accessories for world champions and everyday heroes across the globe.

Crafts Base layers guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Our garments are designed to go the distance. To back up our promise, we introduce a lifetime guarantee on all base layers from AW22.

To exchange your baselayer, we request a proof of purchase along with the faulty garment. The lifetime guarantee includes all Craft Baselayers purchased from the 2022 fall/winter season onwards, excluding excessive wear and tear due to either of the following:

Misuse, abuse, improper care and washing Accidents or damage from pets, sharp objects etc Damage due to fire, flood, or natural disasters Contaminated, soiled or dirty garment until properly cleaned Products with missing labels.

Description of the garment.

High-performance base layer tee with mesh panels for exceptional function during high-intensity activities. Recycled fabrics.

• Supertight fit

• Thin, lightweight and elastic fabric that is channel-knitted to trap air and provide warmth

• Coolmax-Air fiber against the skin enhances cooling and moisture transport

• Flatlock seams that follow body movements

• Mesh inserts at armpits for enhanced ventilation where it’s most needed

• This product is made with SeaQual polyester that is produced from recycled plastic from the ocean

Sizes: S-XXL Fabric: 40% Polyester SeaQual, 39% Polyester “Coolmax,” 21% Polyester-recycled

All new Craft garments and footwear will be fully or partially made from sustainable materials. This means fabrics that are recycled, recyclable or produced in

a way that optimizes the earth’s resources. Today, we’re halfway there, as about 50% of our running, training, cycling and skiing apparel contain reused and repurposed fibres and materials.

By 2027, our goal is that every Craft garment will be made from 100% sustainable materials. By 2030, all Craft products will be made from fossil-free materials. Choosing recycled material over new have other benefits besides the issue of waste. Recycled polyester takes roughly half the energy to produce and generates 79% less carbon emissions compared to virgin polyester. When working with natural materials such as cotton or wool, our policy is to only use fabrics that are produced in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard or the Responsible Wool Standard.

Made from used PET bottles, recycled polyester is a strong, durable fibre with a much smaller ecological footprint than virgin polyester. By using recycled polyester, it’s estimated that 70% less energy is needed in the production process. Sourcing recycled rather than virgin polyester also decrease the fabric’s carbon emissions with 70%.

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Craft baselayer

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