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Exercise physiologist Guillaume Millet collaborates with Salomon

Salomon has entered a major partnership with Guillaume Millet, PhD in Sport Sciences, who will work with the brand’s sport scientists to develop a new program aimed at enhancing athlete development and performance, as well as explore new ways to prevent fatigue and injuries.

The author of a reference book on the topic of ultra-trail running, Millet intends to help Salomon build a better performance pathway for all trail running participants.

Guillaume Millet ( is a Professor of Exercise Physiology at University Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne, France. He is also the former Director of the Neuromuscular Fatigue Laboratory in Calgary, Canada, and the former Director of the Inter-university Laboratory of Human Movement Biology (Saint-Etienne-Lyon-Chambéry, France).

“I am thrilled to join forces with the team at Salomon, a key player in the trail-running world for over 20 years,” Millet said. “The sport is still young and there is still plenty to learn about trail runners. I am excited to start working on this exciting project with the elite athletes and teams inside and around the brand. In the long run, I’m convinced that this will benefit every runner daily.”

Using Science To Reduce Fatigue And Improve Trail Running Performance

Millet will lead the ZONE HIGH program, an ambitious and visionary initiative from Salomon that will blend a vast international network of sport and data scientists to push the limits of trail running. This program also aims to help Salomon’s international trail running athletes improve and develop their performance while remaining healthy. Areas of focus will include physiological evaluation, medical follow-ups, nutrition, sleep, recovery and heat/altitude acclimation.

Millet will collaborate closely with Marlène Giandolini, who is part of the Sport & Consumer Sciences team at Salomon, as well as international trail running athletes such as Mathieu Blanchard, who has participated in some of the most demanding ultra-trail races.

“We know how important it is to get physical as well as scientifical supervision in order to perform over the long run and keep improving.” Mathieu says. “Guillaume, with his wealth of experience, both as a trail-runner and a sport scientist, checks all these boxes! As an athlete, you need a dedicated team who can assist you before, during and after the race.”

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