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Ledlenser launch new HF series

Effortless Illumination: The new HF-series headlamps are your bright companions for maximum flexibility.

They come with revolutionary and patent-pending technologies and offer light tailored to your needs. Within the series, we introduce our first truly hands-free headlamp.

Why break your flow when your headlamp will adjust automatically or transition virtually seamlessly, while providing you with the perfect light pattern.  Since the battery is integrated in the light head, the HF models are extremely compact and can be worn when lying down: there is no battery box at the back of your head and no additional cable integrated to your headband. The HF-series is available in three different versions: Core, Work and Signature.

There is the right light for everyone: from everyday users who venture out in the dark or work on DIY projects in their home and garden, to professional users in need of reliable light for their work, to outdoor enthusiasts and athletes who need light for exceptional applications. The rechargeable HF headlamps adapt to your specific needs and always offer you the perfect light.

HF4R Core

Slim, lightweight, waterproof, and always close at hand – the Ledlenser HF4R Core headlamp is your ideal everyday companion. Take it on your next camping trip or when walking your dog early in the morning or after sunset. It has two light sources for close and far-range illumination, an additional red front light which helps you maintain night vision, and it easily fits in your backpack or handbag.

HF6R Core

For all your outdoor adventures, if you have the Ledlenser HF6R Core headlamp by your side, you are prepared for anything. The headlamp is intuitive to use, waterproof, slim and lightweight – the ideal companion. Our patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus System makes for maximum flexibility: By turning the Focus Wheel, you can transition seamlessly between flood light and spot light, providing the perfect light pattern for any range.

HF8R Core

Regardless of what you need to accomplish before sunrise, after sunset, and in any dark situation Ledlenser makes it much easier when you are equipped with Ledlenser HF8R Core headlamp. Its innovative patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam Technology allows automatic dimming and focusing so you can be totally hands-free. It requires no manual control from you – so you can keep focusing on what you are doing.


Alongside cutting edge technology the HF Series is supported by category leading in-store support and digital assets. 

The QR code activated, digital interactive experience provided by HF-Series POS creates a unique opportunity for customers to experience the HF technologies in-store. 

The HF Series POS launch package is a complete solution to boost sales and margin, improve customer experience and education and elevate the lighting category in every store space. 

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