RunThrough announces exclusive partnership with Brooks Running

RunThrough, the UK’s largest and Europe’s fastest-growing running events company, has announced a strategic partnership with Brooks Running, a leading name in performance running footwear.

This collaboration marks an exciting synergy between two entities dedicated to inspiring and supporting runners of all abilities across RunThrough’s extensive event series.

Brooks Running will serve as the Official Running Partner for all RunThrough events. This partnership aligns seamlessly with RunThrough’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that every runner, regardless of experience or distance, has access to quality gear that enhances their performance and overall running experience. Brooks Running also provides a shoe-finder service, ensuring all runners have the opportunity to find a running shoe that suits their individual needs. The partnership will also see the recently announced Brooks Running Collective, of 24 members, actively participating in RunThrough’s events, embodying the brand’s dedication to collective integration and shared running experiences.

Beyond footwear, Brooks Running will contribute valuable insights and advice to RunThrough’s community through online hubs, providing runners with expert guidance and support on their running journey. The partnership aims to enrich the overall runner experience, from gear selection to training insights, creating a holistic approach to running that aligns with the ethos of both brands.

Matt Wood, Co-Founder of RunThrough, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Brooks Running, a brand that shares our passion for empowering runners and enhancing their journey. This collaboration goes beyond footwear; it’s about fostering a supportive community and providing our participants with the tools they need to excel in their running endeavours. Together, we look forward to inspiring more runners and making every RunThrough event a memorable and transformative experience.”

Jim Miles, Brooks Director of Marketing EMEA, commented, “We’re excited to partner with RunThrough the UK ‘s largest race provider and support their 250,000 participants as they get ready for their races. RunThrough offer an inclusive experience for new and seasoned runners and align to Brooks’s purpose to inspire everyone to run their path; and celebrate the power and energy that comes from moving forward because it changes your day, life, and even the world.” As the partnership unfolds, runners can look forward to an enhanced event experience, where the joy of running and the pursuit of personal goals are at the forefront. RunThrough will organise and deliver 240 events in 2024, with a quarter of a million runners. Included in this year’s lineup are the popular Battersea Park Half Marathon, the Birmingham Running Festival and the Running GP at Goodwood Motor Circuit

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