Under Armour Flow Velociti Elite arrives in time for the most competitive pro run season yet

Under Armour’s mission is to make athletes better by giving them the performance solutions they didn’t know they needed and now can’t imagine living without.

To deliver the best performance solutions possible, they start by listening to athletes and making their problems UA’s to solve. And with long-standing world records constantly being broken and qualifications becoming loftier, the running world has come to a new standard of footwear.

This is where Under Armour stepped in. The research they found showed the underfoot experience, specifically in running, makes a fundamental difference in performance, meaning they needed to start from the ground up. To give every stride more purpose, efficiency, momentum, and acceleration, UA set out to break the tape with the development of a new marathon shoe: the UA Flow Velociti Elite. This revolutionary shoe features award-winning UA Flow technology and is redefining fast for pro athletes chasing the finish line during race season.

Race Day Just Got Faster (and Brighter)

The Flow Velociti Elite is a marathon-specific collection of neutral and vibrantly-coloured shoes, highlighted by a new bright green colourway, available to all athletes globally starting April 13th, 2023. Designed as a contender to the top shoe competitors, the Flow Velociti Elite is great for runners who need a balance of flexibility and cushioning in their racing shoes. Every stride taken with the Velociti Elite is amplified by a full-length carbon fibre plate sandwiched in a soft midsole foam that compresses and springs back for added lift. Together these components deliver explosive energy return. A dynamic WARP 2.0 upper is integrated for enhanced breathability and lightweight containment, and a supercritical Flow foam creates a more lightweight and seamless ride. The Flow Velociti Elite also features a TPE sockliner for enhanced resilience and bounce on every footstrike.

UA is hyperfocused on creating the best possible shoe, which is why they’re continually making improvements. Everything from foam density and layering to material choices are under scrutiny. Even choosing the right laces and eyelet holes was a factor–not just for weight, but for eliminating distractions and minimizing friction. By obsessing over the details, UA created a shoe that’s the perfect fit from the first moment a runner slips them on.

When UA creates a shoe that’s truly about speed and explosiveness, every design element, material, logo, and colour should inspire action and exude speed. Colour definitely plays into that equation. UA consistently heard from athletes that they like training in more neutral or toned-down colours, but on race day–when the adrenaline is high and their energy is through the roof–they want something loud, expressive, and energized. Creating that separation between training day colours and race day colours is one further mental ‘click’ that lets athletes know it’s time to perform.

“The one word our athletes kept coming back to when referencing the Velociti Elite was confidence. not ego, not swagger, but a deeper, more resolute belief that when they toed the line for a race, they knew they had an essential edge,” said Douglas Smiley, Product Director for Compete Run Footwear at Under Armour.

Designed for Athletes, by Athletes

Every athlete wants to be confident in their equipment. That’s why UA used feedback from their North American pro run teams for insights, testing, and validation. The professional runners at Dark Sky Distance, Baltimore 800m, and Baltimore Distance, known collectively as UA Mission Run, were an integral part in the wear testing process since the beginning, utilizing the shoes in their key training sessions and races, providing live insights as the team created and iterated the working prototypes.

“As we created and iterated, we were able to test working prototypes ‘in the wild’ during competitive races in order to validate and get more athlete insights. the resounding feedback was that we created something special and unique, and nailed the intent of delivering a propulsive race-day solution across marathon distance,” said Douglas Smiley, Product Director for Compete Run Footwear at Under Armour.

Under Armour is proud to provide athletes with the tools they need to perform at their absolute best – turning a good season into a career-defining season. Turning a great race into a life-changing experience. Sharon Lokedi had a monumental race this past fall, winning the NYC Marathon in the Flow Velociti Elite. She pulled off one of the biggest upsets in NYC Marathon history by winning in 2:23:23 as a first-time participant. Pressure is a privilege and the UA product team delivered a solution for athletes that put them in the best possible position to succeed. UA’s mission kept the team focused – listening to athletes and making the necessary changes to solve their problems – on creating this winning shoe.

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