361 Centauri


The all new 361° CENTAURI is a shoe to be reckoned with – it packs in everything needed for a dynamic, distraction free and versatile running shoe. 

Designed from the ground up, this latest addition to our Neutral running shoe range has been made for all-day performance. Runners will appreciate the CENTAURI for its technology, ventilation, durability and light weight cushioning, especially when running on those hard surfaces.

Enjoy the freedom. Run Free.

Our European company was formed in 2016 with the initial goal of creating an entry into the world of running shoes and we felt we could build ourselves a niche with an honest story and a great product. Our belief is that the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is your local specialist running store. That’s where you can find our products. We are a team of industry experts and we’ve built 361° as a brand and company that is close to the running community. We serve runners with great running experiences – our shoes.

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