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Alexandra Burghardt’s Infinite Sprint

Just how much endurance does a sprinter need? The answer is: a lot. The new short film “The Infinite Sprint”, produced by Swiss sportswear brand On, chronicles German sprinter Alexandra Burghardt’s long way to becoming a national champion.

Realized by award-winning director and editor Mischa Meyer, who is known for his short films  Ant (2019), In the Shadow of Palms (2023), and A Letter Home (2013), the film juxtaposes Alexandra with a young girl of about the age when she set out to pursue her dream of becoming a professional sprinter and making it to the Olympics. 

Filmed in her hometown of Altötting, Germany, and featuring precious archive moments from the very beginning of her career, the film is an intimate portrait that highlights the quality of perseverance. It showcases the person behind the athlete Alexandra Burghardt in an authentic and unfiltered manner and casts a spotlight on the mental strength needed to make the necessary sacrifices, to believe in oneself despite all setbacks, and, most of all, to never give up.

“Sometimes, I realize that I don’t look back enough to celebrate what I have accomplished so far,” Burghardt said on the motivation to create the film. “I’m living my dream. Teenage me would never have believed I’ll be where I am today. Of course, a certain relaxation sets in after [running at the Olympics and winning the national championship]. But more importantly, I realized I still have plenty of goals left to achieve. I remain hungry for more.” 

“This is not meant to be a documentary,” said Gessica Giulini, On Sports Marketing Lead and producer of the film. “We were aiming to create a content piece with a narrative arc and personal insight into athletic life beyond the common “zero to hero”-story. We want to inspire people from all walks of life to connect with Alexandra’s story, to take heart and realize that, even though it might take longer than you think if you persevere, you can reach your goals. The most important thing is not to give up but to Dream On.”

Watch “The Infinite Sprint” here

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