ASICS launches the new NOVABLAST 4 shoe

ASICS has launched the NOVABLAST 4 shoe. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this iteration offers updates to the foam, design and materials that will take runners from feeling average to energised. 

First introduced in 2020, the NOVABLAST has quickly become ASICS’ fastest growing franchise globally and is on its way to solidifying itself as a new ASICS legend. From professional athletes to recreational runners, the NOVABLAST shoe series has become immensely popular with those looking to add extra energy to their stride.  

The fourth edition of the shoe features FF BLAST PLUS ECO foam, providing runners with that signature bounce and responsiveness they have become accustomed to. The use of this innovative, lightweight cushioning also underscores ASICS’ commitment to environmental responsibility: The foam is made from at least 20% bio-based material from renewable sources, such as leftover waste from sugar cane processing. This edition will be the first NOVABLAST to be CO2e labelled, providing transparency on ASICS’ sustainability performance. 

In addition to the foam, the trampoline-inspired outsole creates maximum bounce in every step. Fitted with added grip, the NOVABLAST 4 offers runners better grip on a variety of surfaces and exceptional durability.  

The selection of an engineered woven upper compared to the engineered mesh upper of the previous model, along with an upgraded stretch guested constructed tongue, makes the fourth version more breathable.  

Rohan van der Zwet, Senior Product Marketing Manager, ASICS EMEA: “It’s hard to think back to the time when we didn’t have the NOVABLAST shoes yet, seeing how popular it has become in just a short period of time. With our dedication to continuous improvement, and the updates we’ve made to the NOVABLAST 4, we’re confident it will also become a crowd favourite. It’s the choice of shoe for runners who want a bit of extra energy in their stride. And as part of our mission to help everyone move their mind through sports, the NOVABLAST 4 will leave runners feeling more energised.” 

The NOVABLAST 4 is available for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialists running outlets globally from December 1, 2023 for 150€. 

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