Brooks Running unveil The Brooks Ghost MAX

Brooks Running, expert in performance running, has launched their newest innovation as part of the Ghost range: the Ghost MAX.

Brooks Running super stacked DNA Loft v2 Foam with GlideRoll Rocker transition technology, delivers soft landings and a smooth ride to help protect runners’ knees and ankles.

The Ghost MAX is the further protected version of the very popular Ghost range, an ideal option for anyone looking for the Ghost’s soft, smooth ride with additional protection and assisted transitions. The Ghost MAX’ broad base provides inherent stability without interfering with a neutral stride.

A protective experience can benefit runners of all levels and the correct running shoes can help prevent injuries in the entire body. “The high amount of soft cushioning in the Ghost MAX, combined with the GlideRoll Rocker, and lower offset can benefit plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and Morton’s neuroma,”said Gerard Klein, Footwear Merchandising Director EMEA at Brooks Running. “Ghost MAX shoes are engineered to reduce energy absorption in the foot’s soft tissues, leading to reduced stress on joints, muscles and tendons. Correct arch support enhances stability, while the unique Linear Last construction makes the fit inclusive of foot shapes and orthotics.”

The Ghost MAX is ideal for runners looking for added protection or the runner who is a midfoot/forefoot striker and is looking for an assisted transition.

The MAX styles are part of Run Signature, Brooks’ holistic approach to understanding the runner and their experience on the run with the promise to provide optimised running gear based on individual biomechanical needs. Run Signature aims to create footwear design that helps your body run in its habitual motion path through their inherent design qualities.

An effortless feeling while you move

The Ghost MAX is equipped with the GlideRoll Rocker which facilitates a smooth, assisted transition. The GlideRoll Rocker is a transition technology that is designed to help individuals stay in their habitual motion path, especially those who have low joint mobility. The Rocker also works for individuals with plantar fasciitis and osteoarthritis by offering more cushioning. MAX shoes, including the new Ghost MAX, do not feature support technology and are therefore classified as neutral running shoes.

Gerard Klein, Footwear Merchandising Director at Brooks Running EMEA, explains the benefits of the GlideRoll Rocker: “We estimate that there is a large group of neutral runners that will be happy to get the extra protection and ease of transition that the GlideRoll Rocker provides. Added cushioning is designed to reduce the workload of the calf muscles and the pressure under the forefoot is reduced. The transition technology can minimizes the motion of the toes and ankles, which offers protection and is ideal for individuals with bunions, Achilles issues, and arthritis.”

Whether wearers are looking for a wear-everywhere aesthetic, addressing chronic aches and pains or those looking for an assisted ride through the shoe to assist the strike, the high stack height and added cushioning of the Ghost MAX offers both a modern edge and protection on the move, which makes is suitable for all levels of runners and goals.

The new Ghost MAX is certified carbon neutral and now available on and at selected retailers for 140 GBP.

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