361° Nemesis 2

361° Nemesis 2

361° NEMESIS 2 stability shoe offers unrivalled support and is most suitable for runners who have a high tendency to over pronate.

It is a proven classic-stable everyday trainer with an extended medial post that provides a secure and supportive ride for mid to long-distance runs.

An extraordinary combination of cushioning and responsiveness with excellent durability facilitated through a midsole EVA rubber blend with PU coating.

Double engineered mesh provides a perfect blend of support, and breathability while harnessing the foot comfortably to the platform.

The new design contours the top of the ankle for a more custom fit. It removes pressure and stress from the top of the foot during dorsiflexion by combining super-soft materials with an anatomical pattern.

The heel film and high frequency welding construction, allows for a very supportive and comfortable heel fit.

MORPHIT interior supportive construction both medially and laterally. Adapted to accommodate more foot types while still providing the necessary support during dynamic motion.

Weight270 gram
Drop9 mm
Stack17.5-26.5 mm

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361º Europe B.V.

Fanny Blankers-Koenplein 50

2031 VW Haarlem

The Netherlands

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  1. Hi what product would you recommend for multi surface running. (cross training) Something with a good grip and plenty of support. Particularly for a plantar Fasciitus sufferer.

    1. Your best option is go to you local specialist running store and get them to look at you requirement and work with you to get the best footwear option available. It is almost impossible to recommend a shoe without getting yourself checked at a running specialist with expert knowledge. Hope that helps.

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