Compressport Pro Marathon Socks V2.0 – Black/White

If you liked the first iteration of our anti-blister Pro Marathon Sock, you’re going to love this updated model, designed to bring you an even fresher and more comfortable running experience.

Featuring a higher concentration of PTFE yarn, most notably across the full toe box, the fabric of these high-performance running socks is designed to cause less friction, chafing and overheating under effort, greatly reducing the risk of hot soles and painful blisters.

Alongside the no-slip 3D.dots underfoot, they are also equipped with a novel anti-slip band behind the arch support, specially developed to prevent the foot from moving in the shoe and generating heat. Woven from coloured yarn, this band is easily identifiable due to its contrasting colour and even helps you pick your new favourite socks out in the pile.

Our popular arch support provides medical-grade compression to stimulate blood flow and stop the material from twisting and folding, whilst the reinforced Achilles strap offers extra support as the miles build up.

More breathable than ever before, the upper foot and shaft feature our striped technical weave for maximum ventilation and moisture wicking when the pace and temperature rise. Whether you’re a professional athlete or someone who just loves to run, these performance sports socks are the ultimate answer to burning soles and agonising blisters.

So, pull them on and sign up for that marathon you always wanted to do: we can guarantee the only thing that will be smoking is the clock.


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