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CamelBak is now part of the new Revelyst Company

CamelBak, the global leader in personal hydration products and originator of the hands-free hydration products category have announced they will be part of the new Revelyst company.

Vista Outdoor Inc., CamelBak’s parent company and owner of 41 renowned brands that design, manufacture and market sporting and outdoor lifestyle products to consumers around the globe, recently announced that Revelyst will be the name of its Outdoor Products segment, following a planned separation. Revelyst, Inc. will trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “GEAR” once the separation is complete.

CamelBak is one of the powerhouse brands of the Revelyst portfolio, a collective of category-defining makers transcending the boundaries of precision, performance and protection. Revelyst’s purpose is to harness this collective expertise and cross-collaboration to pursue new innovations that redefine what is humanly possible in the outdoors.

The company’s new name is a blended word that combines “revel,” to experience with abandon, and “catalyst,” an unwavering source of transformation. Revelyst’s logo is a dragonfly, which unites the collective of makers and whose four powerful wings symbolize what it means to be a Revelyst: Innovation, Leadership, Inclusivity, Ecosystems.

“We are excited and proud to introduce Revelyst to the world,” said Eric Nyman, CEO of the Outdoor Products segment at Vista and new CEO of Revelyst. “We will leverage operational expertise, shared financial resources and cross-collaboration to deliver products and technologies that support consumers in wide ranges of pursuits. While today we are best known by the innovations that we make, our journey to becoming the greatest house of brands in the outdoor industry is focused on the wildly human experiences that we make possible.”

“We are extremely happy to announce we are Revelyst now,” said Sebastian Ohrmann, International Marketing Manager of CamelBak. “Vista Outdoor’s plan to split the company into separate entities, and the consequent birth of Revelyst, will put more power and energies into the outdoor part of the business. Brands like CamelBak, who will be one of the powerhouse makers in the new company’s portfolio, will certainly beneficiate of the new course, putting to profit the synergies and shared know-how, with the aim to bring products to the market that redefine what is humanly possible in the outdoors.”

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