Embracing elegance and adventure with the new APEX 2 Dusty Pink from COROS

COROS Wearables Inc., makers of GPS sports wearables and training software for multi-sport athletes, has announced the launch of APEX 2 Dusty Pink, a special limited edition colourway of its award-winning outdoor GPS watch, which pays tribute to the enchanting hues that grace the sky across diverse sand, dirt and rock landscapes.

More than just a colour, APEX 2 Dusty Pink embodies the spirit of adventure and encapsulates the magic in the fleeting transition between day and night. The elegant Pink hue pays homage to the delicate shades that grace the skies during dawn and dusk, reflecting a harmonious blend of toughness and grace that seamlessly transition from the rugged outdoors to refined urban environments.

Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and adventurers who thrive in diverse landscapes, APEX 2 Dusty Pink caters to individuals who seek a perfect balance between rugged durability and refined elegance, offering the reliability and style they need to conquer any terrain confidently.

Exciting features of APEX 2 Dusty Pink include:

  • 24/7 heart-rate monitoring with COROS’ next-generation optical Heart Rate sensor
  • Connection to all 5 major global satellite systems simultaneously for more accurate GPS tracking
  • Super long battery life up to 45 hours of GPS tracking or 17 days of Daily Smart Use 
  • Global offline maps, including landscape, topography, and hybrid views
  • WiFi Sync, Touchscreen, Music Playback, and more! 

Users can pair their APEX 2 Dusty Pink to the COROS POD 2 and COROS HR Monitor for even more accurate data, and COROS users also get unlimited free access to the full range of Training Solutions:

  1. COROS EvoLab: A revamped sports science platform revolutionizing how athletes receive personalized fitness, fatigue, and performance evaluations to help maximize training efforts and efficiently achieve fitness goals.
  2. COROS Training Hub: An Advanced training analysis tool with direct communication with your coach.
  3. COROS Coaches: Real coaches. Real advice. Personalized Guidance from COROS’ Team of Experts.
  4. COROS Training Plans and Workouts: From 5k to Ultra. Created by you, your coach, or COROS Pro Athletes like Emelie Forsberg, Des Linden, Eliud Kipchoge, Kilian Jornet, and Molly Seidel. 

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