Rallyware acquires Myagi, driving evolution in retail

Rallyware, the Performance Enablement Platform, has acquired Myagi, a retail sales enablement platform that allows the world’s leading brands to seamlessly share, measure, and drive product knowledge and brand advocacy at scale, empowering the retail sales force to sell better and sell more.

Following a global pandemic, inflation, and supply chain issues, companies find themselves facing many factors outside their control. One element they can control, however, is the technologies they use to propel sales performance both in and out of the store.

Together, Rallyware and Myagi will drive not only brand advocacy and product knowledge, but ultimately sales performance and customer relations, delivering strong, reliable ROI to world-leading consumer brands and their multi-brand retailer partners.

The synergy between Rallyware and Myagi lies in technology that transforms retail channels and sales practices at a time when such evolution is needed to remain competitive. On top of the Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform, Rallyware will layer Myagi’s vast network of brands and retailers, which customers access to help them create brand advocates and transfer the right knowledge to drive sales performance and improve customer experience.

At the same time, Rallyware lets retailers and brands deploy smart, automated technology to integrate with performance data and drive sales performance, productive behaviours, and long-term customer relationships. Retailers and brands become not just entities to be bought from, but modern organizations that actively sell and engage with shoppers both in and out of store.

Rallyware is committed to continue growing and introducing exciting new solutions to the direct selling industry while expanding in retail. In the era of omnichannel sales, retail and direct selling have much to learn from each other, with retailers testing out direct selling and influencer marketing channels, and direct selling enterprises embracing in-store sales models. Rallyware’s growth in the former will only benefit the direct selling channel with new expertise, tools, and capabilities.

Further, while generating new revenue sources with sales force enablement, the partnership will enable enterprises to cut technology stack and training costs, consolidating internal communications with sales reps, ongoing training content, and brand-to-seller communications within one platform.

Driving the Modern Seller Experience with Rallyware-Myagi Synergy

With this acquisition, brands and retailers that deploy Myagi to educate their sellers will be able to provide the whole sales rep experience on top of brand training, empowering the workforce to reach their goals, and intelligently rewarding them when they do.

Conversely, already available as a Performance Enablement Platform for retailers, Rallyware’s suite of technology now expands into brand training solutions. This next-generation experience includes seller onboarding, product and customer service training, clienteling, and more, all wrapped in a dynamic rewards and recognition solution to drive the optimal individual sales behaviours, based on sales performance data, for the desired business results.

Rallyware’s platform, in integrating with external performance data, automatically personalizes and tailors the store sales rep’s experience to drive productivity and boost corporate KPIs such as sales performance, customer experience, inventory conversion, brand-to-retailer collaboration, and beyond.

Using the latest in AI technology, the platform adapts in real time to emphasize the learning or productivity content that addresses the most critical performance metrics at the moment they are most relevant and needed.

Myagi’s History and the Future of Retail and Brands

Founded in 2014 by Simon Turner and Tom McLeod, Myagi has helped consumer brands and retailers deliver knowledge and drive brand loyalty in a way that suits the store sales reps and digital structures of the 21st century. Myagi has digitized and simplified the way brands get the right knowledge to the right store sales reps at the right time for customers as diverse as Nike, Adidas, Oakley, Garmin, Levi Strauss, Purity Cosmetics, Pedigree, and Giant Bikes.

Following this acquisition, it’s important to note that present Myagi customers will continue to receive the same high level of value and service that they have always had, now with the benefit of Rallyware’s expertise and innovation in rewards and recognition technologies, plus the technical capabilities to expand further through integrations, faster development, and providing to retailers an enterprise-ready solution that seamlessly connects to the Myagi network.

Rallyware and Myagi Leadership Speak

“We at Rallyware are beyond excited about partnering with Myagi for the most complete and dynamic retail store sales rep experience on the market,” said George Elfond, Rallyware’s CEO. He continued, “Brands and retailers are going to be seeing the kind of re-energized, productive workforces and reengaged loyal customers that they need to combat the market headwinds of 2023 and beyond.”

“We’ve built an incredible global team over the past eight years and have delivered terrific value to some of the largest brands on the planet, making sure sales reps feel connected to the products they’re selling,” said Simon Turner, Myagi’s CEO. “Now that the Myagi team and product are becoming part of Rallyware, the possibilities are endless to enhance sales force capabilities and turn brands into active partners driving retail sell-through. The future of retail has just begun.”

Rallyware is transforming productivity for enterprise sales forces with AI that connects learning, engagement, and execution in one smart Performance Enablement Platform. With integrated solutions for learning and development, incentives and recognition, opportunity management, and more, Rallyware’s PEP enables the right skills and behaviours for every individual to become a top performer. To see how Rallyware drives sales performance, learn more here.

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