On expands its circularity program with the new Cloudrise Cyclon and Cloudeasy Cyclon

On expands circularity with the Cloudrise and Cloudeasy Cyclon

On, the innovative sportswear brand from Switzerland, introduces two new products from its circular Cyclon program: the Cloudrise Cyclon for everyday running and the Cloudeasy Cyclon for training and all-day wear.

Both products are available via On’s subscription service Cyclon. Once returned, On will take care of the recycling of the products. Customers can sign up for Cyclon™ for a monthly fee of $29.99. Subscriptions are available now at on.com/cyclon.

Cyclon’s first product, the Cloudneo, was designed as a high-performance running shoe with an athletic fit tailored to the needs of sustainability-minded runners for tempo training and race day. Now On opens up the Cyclon™ portfolio with a new concept aimed at the everyday runner. 

Like the currently available Cloudneo performance running shoe, the Cloudrise is engineered from two types of high-quality, high-performance polyamides. The 90% bio-based upper is engineered from PA11, a polyamide derived from castor beans. The bottom unit is engineered from an equally high-performance polyamide compound called Pebax, also over 30% biobased. The Cloudrise has a wider platform to accommodate a variety of foot shapes, making it an excellent everyday trainer for the dedicated and everyday runner. 

The Cloudeasy is your everyday shoe and is excellent for training and the gym. To create the shoe’s upper, On partnered with Loop Industries, a clean technology company leading the sustainable plastic revolution by manufacturing 100% recycled PET plastic and polyester fibre. On is the first company to bring to market a product made using the Infinite Loop™ technology in the footwear industry. The Cloudeasy upper is crafted from yarn made with Loop’s 100% recycled polyester fibre using the Infinite Loop™ technology. Loop’s technology breaks down polyester fibre waste to create virgin quality 100% recycled Loop™ PET, which can then be used again to create a new shoe upper, enabling fibre-to-fibre circularity. The shoe’s sole is made of EVA from ISCC+ certified material from sustainable feedstocks, half of which comes from bio-derived feedstocks from waste oil. The bottom unit will be ground into new materials for other industries, such as yoga mats and flooring.

“We are excited to take this significant next step in our circularity journey,” said Begüm Kürkçü, Director of Sustainability at On. “With the launch of Cloudrise and Cloudeasy, we can accommodate most of our training and running community. And it brings us closer to our long-term vision of becoming circular through design and business models.”

Daniel Solomita, Founder and CEO of Loop Industries, commented: “Our collaboration with On is a prime example that demonstrates the viability of fibre-to-fibre recycling and showcases how polyester fibre waste can be transformed into virgin quality, recycled materials for new products. The Infinite Loop™ technology can help lower carbon emissions by up to 79% and paves the way for a more circular approach to manufacturing.”

Cylon is On’s first project dedicated to exploring the potential of sustainability and circularity in performance running and training. Subscribers receive, wear, and then return Cylon products, which are designed to be recycled. This circularity is one big loop of renewable energy that showcases the incredible things that happen when people move. 

“The new Cylon products are not only milestones in our journey towards circularity, but also represent On’s ongoing commitment to reducing reliance on virgin petroleum-based materials.” Begüm Kürkçü added.

On launched the world’s first recyclable running shoe, Cloudneo, in 2022. Today, the company offers four products: Cloudneo for speed training and race day, Cloudrise Cyclon for everyday running, Cloudeasy Cyclon for gym and all-day wear, and the performance Cyclon-T. Apart from the Cyclon-T, the service is available for a monthly subscription fee at www.on.com/cyclon

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