Compressport launch PURPLE TRAIN Capsule

Compressport launch PURPLE TRAIN Capsule

Welcome to the vibrant universe of the new limited-edition capsule. Compressport PURPLE TRAIN is the energy and dynamism that help push the boundaries of performance.

Compressport Purple Train Seamless Comfort!

The Performance Singlet W and the Performance SS TShirt M provide comfort and lightness. The ultra-soft microfiber fabric and seamless design prevent friction and irritation.

Specifically woven ventilation lines provide optimal airflow to stay cool and focused during intense training and races.

Optimized Potential

Designed to increase stability and reduce shock waves, the R2 3.0 sleeves provide muscular support to the calves, reducing the risk of injury and cramps through targeted 360-degree compression.

Energized Stride

Thanks to the various thicknesses of 3D.Dots, the Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Run High and Run Low offer targeted protection on key areas, optimal ventilation, and blister protection.

The energy and vitality of purple

Inspired by the power of purple, this collection embodies strength, determination, and the constant pursuit of optimal performance.

Performance SS Tshirt

High-performance running T-shirt made of soft microfiber, seamless, with integrated ventilation for intense training and racing.

 Performance Singlet W

Lightweight and high-performance running singlet, featuring an ultra-soft seamless design, integrated ventilation panels, and a feminine cut.


Next-generation running socks offering superior comfort, blister prevention, and optimal ventilation.

R2 3.0

Compression calf sleeves offering increased stability and shock reduction, regardless of the terrain.

Free Belt

Ergonomic and essential running belt to carry essentials during outings and races, on the road or trails.

Armforce Ultralight

Lightweight and versatile compression sleeves for optimized thermoregulation and great flexibility for any sport and season.

Headband & Thin Headband On/Of

Thermoregulating sports headband offering optimal ventilation and sweat evacuation.

Visor Ultralight 

Visor designed for running with a mesh headband for optimal sun protection during high-intensity efforts.

Top quality production

Striving for absolute quality, COMPRESSPORT products are manufactured by sportswear specialists.

2-year replacement guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee!

All the COMPRESSPORT products benefit from a 2-year replacement guarantee and 30 days money-back guarantee if users are not satisfied.

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