Run safe, run visible with Compressport

COMPRESSPORT has launched the New Flash capsule collection to run safe and visible.

The days may be getting shorter, but it’s not an excuse to stop running.

Compressport’s “Flash Capsule” Collection is designed for fearless runners who embrace the challenge of running at dawn, dusk, and through the night.

Be always visible with strategically integrated reflective elements in each piece.
Run with confidence, knowing your silhouette shines in the darkness.

Compressport’s iconic products take on a new dimension in the “Flash Capsule.”
The garments come with an extra touch of visibility without compromising quality and functionality.

Run with style, run with safety, run with COMPRESSPORT.

Hurricane Windproof Jacket Flash M & W retails for €130 / £130 and is available in black for both men and women.
R2 3.0 Flash calf sleeves retails for €45 / £45
Pro Racing socks V4.0 Run High Flash retails for €22 / £22


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