Scott Gravatt is the new Ciele Athletics head of sales for US and Canada

Ciele Athletics’ head of sales for US and Canada is Scott Gravatt

Ciele Athletics, the high-end technical performance-running brand from Montreal, Quebec, has announced a new head of sales for the U.S. and Canada, Scott Gravatt.

Ciele Athletics welcomes Scott Gravatt, running-industry veteran, joining the company following a 15-year tenure at Nike.

In a pivotal 2018 meeting, Gravatt and Jeremy Bresnen, co-founder of Ciele Athletics, discovered a shared passion for the influential role of running specialty shops in fostering run culture.

They agreed that these shops serve as vital community hubs for sharing and nurturing cultural elements, reinforcing their commitment to the sport’s communal spirit. Bresnen confidently reflects on this shared connection with Gravatt. He said: “He’s an experienced sales leader in the run space and is an absolute cultural fit for what we’re trying to build in the U.S. and Canadian markets.”

Building relationships

Gravatt’s deep-rooted passion for action sports and the outdoors is showcased by his extensive career trajectory, spanning a decade at a surf shop, nine transformative years at Nike Skateboarding and a recent six-year tenure with Nike Running.

Recognizing the correlation between running culture and run shops, Gravatt approached sales during his time at Nike specifically as an opportunity to truly build relationships. In reflecting on this people-first approach, Gravatt said: “A lot of my work at Nike involved restructuring the way we dealt with small, independent run shops. I am very passionate about small businesses and small-business ownership, and how important they are to local communities and sport culture.”

Running Culture

Gravatt’s strategic leadership and appreciation of small businesses, alongside his passion for running and great design, make him a natural fit for Ciele Athletics, confirming the brand’s commitment to the running specialty shops that continue to shape running culture across North America.

“The culture of running is important to the business of running, and that culture is heavily influenced by independent running stores bringing together people, brands, music, art, sports and fashion. Ciele is a brand that speaks to all aspects of running culture,” said Gravatt.

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