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Spanish ultra-runner Claudia Tremps reinforces On trail team

Spanish ultra-trail runner and architect Claudia Tremps joins the growing On trail team.

Hailing from Ogassa (Girona), the 26-year-old has been a constant in the world of trail running since 2014 and has achieved remarkable success at a young age.

Growing up in a small village close to the Catalan Pyrenees, Tremps was at home in many sports.

“I started alpine skiing at age four, rode competitively from the age of eleven, and also practiced motorcycling at an amateur level. I ran my first mountain race at age eighteen and my first ultra-trail race at 21. I dedicated myself to it a few years later when I gave up competitive riding,” she said.

But even fully committed to mountain running, the 26-year-old likes to mix things up.

“Currently, I compete in Ultra-Trail combined with ski mountaineering. But I also like to face new challenges and integrate those into my training. In 2016, I climbed the Toubkal in Morocco (4161m); in 2017, I summited Mont Blanc on ski mountaineering skis via the 4,000m traverse. A week later, I climbed the Aneto, the highest mountain in the Pyrenees (3404m), also with ski mountaineering skis.”

Tremps’ varied approach to training, which she combines with architecture studies at the Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, paid off. In 2021, she won the Andorra Ultra Trail by UTMB, came in second at the TransGranCanaria, and ranked ninth at UTMB. She followed up with a second place at the Ultra Pirineu (Spartan Circuit) in 2022, placed second at the TDS (“Sur les Traces des Ducs de Savoie”) by UMTB, and finished third at the TransGranCanaria. In addition, she also completed her bachelor’s degree and moved on to a master’s programme.

“I like On’s sustainability efforts. Achieving a balance with our planet is crucial for me. As an athlete, I also felt that the treatment of women’s and men’s teams was equal, which is important to me. Beyond that, I like the products’ designs and quality, ” Tremps said about her reasoning for working with On.

“Claudia has not only solidified herself as a staple in the Spanish trail running community but has done so at such a young age,” said On Athlete Partnership Manager David Kilgore. “She has set some big goals for herself and has a very exciting year ahead: the TransGranCanaria in March, Patagonia in April, Andorra by UTMB in June, and finally UTMB in August, where she has her eyes set on topping the podium one day. We are convinced that is something that is very well within her reach. We are incredibly excited to welcome Claudia to the roster and hope to aid her in climbing even more podiums while running on clouds!”

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